Independent Cargo Superintendence

t.c.i. is a fully independent, privately owned Belgian cargo supervision and consultation company. Its management had decades of activity and experience in the various logistics and aspects of the bulk cargo industries long before creation of the company in 1987.

This background naturally led to the company’s initial specialization in the cargo superintendence of dry and liquid bulk, as well as packed products both for quality and quantity.

t.c.i.'s initial activities were mainly in the Western European discharging / transhipment ports, and as from 1991 increasingly in Russian, Ukrainian and other ports. Since then the company has been, and still is, opening additional offices, and increasing its network of representatives, also inland near the main production centres. Although its main activities lie with dry and liquid fertilizers and related products, it has successfully expanded into other commodities such as concentrates, steel and non-ferrous metals, scrap, ores, coal, machinery, sugar, molasses, vegetable oil grain, pesticides and similar agri-products in general. In recent years, inspection of containers is largely increased.

The company is now most active and involved not only in the mentioned countries, but also in Northern African countries. In response to several of its clients’ requests, the company has successfully expanded into the Americas, Africa, Oceania and the Near, Middle and Far East

All t.c.i.'s offices and representations are officially registered, and can boast reliable teams of Surveyors and Inspectors with long experience. Almost all of them have been part of the organization for several years and are loyal and dedicated to the company, which ensures a professional and correct protection of its Principals’ interests. The allocation of personnel fully dedicated to a limited range of products, based on individual competency with specific materials, means that surveyors are experts, each in their different commodity, and are familiar with its peculiar characteristics. This is especially important in case of claims and contradictory surveys, where really knowledgeable experts are indispensable.

The company also actively assists its Producer Clients to improve and/or maintain the quality and condition of its products by accurately reporting on their resistance to handling and transportation.

In order to maintain a high standard of professionalism and know-how in the future, a lot of emphasis has been put on the training and motivation of young managers, inspectors and employees, as well as the internal exchange of experiences, ideas and observations

The strength of this group is the very long experience in international logistics of its Management, and of its operational and administration teams, as well as the reliability and genuine efforts of its collaborators to render a superior professional service and assistance. Because of previous activities in transportation, handling and storage its personnel believes to know what Producers, Traders and Receivers expect. This is not limited to the issuance of Reports and Certificates, but also means advance warnings of possible difficulties, suggestions to prevent or limit the consequences of discrepancies of quality and quantity, damages, contamination, etc.

As important as the inspections themselves, is the speed with which the Principal is kept informed at all times, and especially in case of problems. A Survey the results of which are not timely reported is useless.

All this requires at least one surveyor on duty, and on the spot, for as long as the product handling operations continue. This does of course increase the cost, but the company deems, that an on and off inspection is about the same as no inspection at all, and a waste of money.

Thanks to the confidence and support of its regular long-time clients, t.c.i. has been able to continue to grow at a pace permitting a gradual adaptation of its organization, while maintaining and improving the quality of its services, which is and remains its first priority.

Company`s mission: we dedicate ourselves to provide an independent and professional quality and quantity inspection service to our Customers on which they rely for the protection of their interests. To achieve this, we focus on offering exceptional tailored-made customer services at reasonable prices, to be promptly available in case of emergencies and to give advance warning when difficulties can be predicted.

Сompany’s image: our company’s reputation as a correct, neutral and straightforward surveyor is vital to its survival. t.c.i.'s has to be seen as a reliable trustworthy partner. Potential clients have to receive the message that it is with t.c.i.'s that they will get the best support, protection and assistance in case of problems.

Company`s vision: from the very beginning the company’s aim has been to provide its Principals with a superior service and advice to help them prevent and/or limit the effects of substandard product deliveries transportation/storage damages, delays, unsuitable ships/railcars, etc. We strive to make our client’s business ventures run smoothly and to the satisfaction of both Supplier and Receiver so that it can continue and develop.

t.c.i.'s teams in Belgium, or in any other of their offices, remain at disposal for further information.